Next Week's Winners: The Best Stocks To Own Next Week And Every Week!
75% Successful Trades
17.5% Average Gain

While most investors and traders barely manage winning 50% of their trades – and usually far less than that, imagine how much faster YOUR portfolio would grow if you could count on 75% of your trades being successful and cashing in average gains of 17.5% on each trade…

Not every year.

Not every quarter.

Every Month.

If you need ideas to generate immediate profits every week, Next Week's Winners Club will deliver the stocks best positioned to deliver gains to you each and every week.

Led by Jim Woods, you'll get in-depth research, fundamental analysis and technical analysis blended together so you know exactly which companies can deliver the profits you want.

Over the last five years, Jim has made 506 stock recommendations with a 75% success rate and a 17.5% average return per recommendation.

That consistent success coupled with those returns means powerful fuel for the growth of your portfolio.

72% of S&P 500 Stocks Were Flat or Negative in 2015!

Poor odds for the average investor as that means you barely have a 1 in 4 chance of picking a stock that will go up in value.

Or, you could get the help you need from a PROVEN, VERIFIED stock picking professional: Jim Woods.

His #2 Ranking in the online WORLD means you can count on analysis and performance!

Why is Jim Woods Successful 75% of the Time?

His simple four-step approach blends three pieces: fundamental analysis, technical analysis and news analysis to unearth the very best stocks - every single week.

Let's dive into the four step approach now so you can be confident you're partnering with a proven expert whose singular goal is to help individual investors trounce the markets.

  • Relative Price Strength: The number one lesson from 2015 - Quality stocks were the big winners. How do you identify quality stocks? By their Relative Price Strength. Jim Woods uses this as his key guide to find the best stocks, first. Then...
  • Earnings Per Share Rank - He uses rankings for Earnings Per Share strength to validate the Quality of the stock in question. Strong companies outperform their Earnings expectations - weak companies don't.
  • Chart Patterns - Once Jim has his core analysis completed on the fundamental side, he moves to the Technical Side by assessing which of his stocks are in favorable or bullish chart patterns.
  • NewsQ - Super Cool because no other professional is doing this ONE thing. We explain more below, but the final factor in selecting the best Quality stocks is superior News and Social Media flow. Good stocks get good press - bad stocks don't.
Listen In As Jim Instructs A Private Group Of Investors
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Jim Woods' Recent Winners:
Grupo Financiero Galicia S.A.
Constellation Brands
Smith & Wesson Holdings
Edwards Lifesciences
Thor Industries

The Importance of Relative Price Strength

You could call this the one indicator to rule them all - but it's only a starting point when researching stocks. Relative Price Strength is by far the best indicator for finding stocks which are likely to outperform the markets because you're buying stocks which are outperforming the market TODAY.

Relative Price Strength measures (or ranks) stocks against ALL stocks on the major exchanges. So a stock with a Relative Price Strength of 95 means its current price performance (or momentum) is outperforming 95% of ALL other stocks. Conversely a stock with a Relative Price Strength of 65...just isn't worth your time.

This principle worked exceedingly well in 2015, as demonstrated by the gains in the so-called “FANG” stocks, i.e., Facebook (FB), (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX) and Google, now Alphabet (GOOGL) (although Jim is a huge Google fan, he really dislikes the name Alphabet).

Each of these stocks scored in the top 95th percentile or higher in terms of price performance vs. all other stocks in the market, and each had stellar performances this year.

Will the FANG stocks lead the market again in 2016? Possibly, but that’s largely an unknown.

What isn’t an unknown is that stocks with strong relative price performance will be the ones leading the market next year, and every year—and those are the stocks that will continue representing the biggest investment opportunities in 2016.

The One Indicator Nobody Is Talking About...Yet

We call it NewsQ - that stands for NewsQuant or quantifying the value of a company based on its positive or negative news flow. More good stories for a company lead to price improvement because the company has "positive" impact from a good reputation. 

Think Apple in its heyday -- consistently good press led to more people paying attention to the company, which led to more retail buyers of the stock.

There's another reason, however, that News Flow (and Social Flow) are critical today - and it's the one thing most investors don't know: 

The big boys on Wall Street, the Hedge Funds, high-frequency traders use computer algorithms to sift through headlines, social posts, online news, tweets and more and they're looking for ANY EDGE they can get by being first to move on a stock.

Jim's 25 years as a professional stock broker and financial journalist puts you in the driver's seat with his ability to find those stocks that have Positive News Flow. 

This is what we call his "W" Factor - it's the one thing that separates him because nobody else in the investment world is doing this for "Main Street" investors.

How does that help you?

By giving you another "indicator" to buy OR sell a stock. When a company suddenly gets hit with negative news, you'll want to be able to move quickly to get out of the way of a falling knife.

On the other hand, when a company is poised to get big headlines, you want to be holding that stock to take advantage of the increase in Relative Price Strength.

And an increase in Relative Price Strength affects your ability to get solid returns on your stocks!

The Four Interlocking Pieces Result in 75% Successful Trades

When you put all four pieces together, Relative Price Strength, Earnings Per Share, News Flow and Chart Patterns, you build a solid case for buying or selling any stock.

The challenge for most investors?


You don't have enough of it to do all the research and analysis necessary to find the best stocks. 

More often than not it puts investors and traders at a disadvantage because you can't move quickly enough to capture the upside in a stock you eventually decide you do want to buy (or you can't get out of the way fast enough when you want to sell).

Jim has built a long-term, sustainable model to do the research work before he ever makes a recommendation. That process - automating and combining his four inter-locking pieces is how he's been able to maintain a successful track record of 75% Winning Trades with an Average Gain of 17.5% in 2015.

Now It's Your Turn

In 2016, we're pleased to announce the inauguration of "Next Week's Winners" - a unique investment service dedicated to picking ONLY the 10 best stocks each week - every week.

Using his Four Step Process, Jim Woods ranks the Top Ten Stocks to Buy (or hold) every Monday night.

You use that ranking to buy those stocks and hold them for gains of 10% to 30% in a short period of time. 

Sometimes, in just days. Like his recent recommendation on Ryanair (RYAAY). 

Let's take a look...

Let's review the 4 step process here:

  • Relative Price Strength: Outperforming 90% of all other companies in Price Performance.
  • Earnings Per Share Rank:Outperforming 93% of all other companies in Earnings Performance.
  • Chart Pattern: Formed a Double-Bottom in November 2015.
  • News Flow: Highly positive with oil prices under attack, full seats on flights, and outstanding Earnings performance in their Most Recent Quarter.
Using his four step process, Jim recommended Ryanair on Monday, November 30th, 2015.

The result: An 11.2% gain in just 21 days.

Expert Analysis, High Success Rate, Significant Potential

When we sat down to discuss launching Next Week's Winners with Jim, we asked ONE question:

How can we best help investors and traders be successful?

It comes down to these things:

1. Provide Best in Class stock recommendations on an ongoing basis with validation in fundamental and technical basis. This gives you the confidence to know you're buying a stock for a very good reason (not just some "indicator" or some "hot" name).

2. Provide ongoing trade guidance to help investors and traders ACTUALLY, You know...PROFIT! This gives you the fuel to grow your portfolio all year long. When you have an expert with an AVERAGE gain of 17% per successful trade handing you trades every single week, you have a substantial amount of potential profit to look forward to.

3. Provide IMMEDIATE Action Alerts to help investors and traders close trades on our terms. That means cutting losers quickly and taking action to collect profits.

4. Provide Gains on Trades of 10% to 30% in Short Time Frames to help investors and traders rapidly grow their portfolios. Short term time frames to us are trades that will last one week to one month - that's what we're after here - the best stocks with quick momentum in price.

Because we only want to DATE our stocks - we don't want to MARRY THEM.

At the end of the day, as an investor or trader, we believe these are the only three things you actually WANT from an investment service. 

Trades that have a reasonable chance for profits, the knowledge on when to take those profits and a way for you to limit risk (because listen, losing trades do happen) so you always on the right side of Risk to Reward. Less Risk. More Reward - that's what we believe.

That's our promise to our members.

Isn't It Time You Put the #2 Ranked Stock Picker

Charter Membership Offer:
One Month Trial Just

Here's what you get with your one month trial offer:
Every Monday Night (7pm Eastern):  Next Week's Winners Top Ten Ranking and Analysis Report
This is your weekly "target" list of stocks to buy for the week ahead. We deliver to you via email and on our private member's website on Monday night so you have enough time to review the stocks and even place your orders when the markets are closed!

Inside your report, you'll get detailed analysis on why each stock meets Jim's requirements for Relative Price Strength, Earnings Per Share and Chart Patterns, plus his unique NewsQ analysis when necessary.

*Note: Some stocks will holdover from week to week as we trend toward our target gains; our experience suggests you should expect up to 3 new names on the top ten list each week.

Remember that we want to get maximum value from the stocks on the Top Ten list, which means some stocks will hold their position in rankings until there is a material change in their Relative Price, Earnings per Share or Chart pattern.

Up to The Minute Action Alerts

Delivered via email and on the member's website in AFTER HOURS, Jim advises you when it's time to close a trade - whether we're taking gains or forced to limit potential losses, you'll know immediately what actions you need to take to have the best chance for portfolio growth and successful trades.
You Have More to Lose By Not Trying

If you're still struggling to find good, quality stocks and use those stocks to turn in positive performance in your portfolio, then this is your invitation to join Jim and get the help you need to find the very best stocks to own every single week.

Imagine if you were successful on 75% of your next 500 trades and pulled in an average gain of 17% per trade.

You'd be pretty happy, wouldn't you? Then, do this, now, before it gets lost in the daily shuffle...

Jim Woods' Recent Winners:
Grupo Financiero Galicia S.A.
Constellation Brands
Smith & Wesson Holdings
Edwards Lifesciences
Thor Industries
Here's What You Get As An Exclusive Member of Jim Woods' Next Week's Winners Club:
  • The Weekly Top 10 list of Next Week's Winners
  • Professional Analysis on the top stocks in the Next Week's Winners
  • Next Week's Winners Monday Report
  • Action Alerts
  • Private Member's Web Site
  • Profit and Loss Guidelines with every Next Week's Winners Stock
  • Professional, PROVEN stock picks: Jim Woods 506 stock recommendations have a 75% success rate and a 17.5% average return per investment, as verified by TipRanks, an independent service

    That success coupled with those returns means powerful fuel for the growth of your portfolio.

    Reserve Your Seat In Next Week's Winners and start profiting your very first week!

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